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It is not just a conference but a

Mega Medical Fair/Mela ... Harbinger of Change

परिवर्तन सम्मलेन               महाकुंभ              व्यक्तित्व विकास सम्मलेन

  • दो दिन की छुट्टी, विश्राम, अवकाश, फुर्सत leisure, holiday, vacation for relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.
  • परिवार को समय, बच्चो को गर्मी की छुट्टियों का उपहार
  • जयपुर भ्रमण
  • Meet, watch and listen- Doyens of India( List attached)
  • Free - Birla Planetarium.
  • Opportunity for awards (apply and get it).
  • Lottery- Dubai/Singapore or Pyramids of Egypt.
  • Food Mela - 2 days of fun & entertainment
  • Cheapest entertainment.
  • Cheapest residential cum registration package.
  • Opportunity to organize Best BATCH Meet (explained below)
  • Stalls to make purchase, EVERYTHING needed under one AC roof
  • Meet your friends, class fellows, old forgotten boy/girl friends.
  • Lectures on all useful topics in practice.
  • Memorandum to Government, after GBM
  • Please do be a part of / be evidence of this historical event
  • Add another master degree to your name

First time in Rajasthan

  • Picnic बस अपनी एक करनी है, पिकनिक साथ मनानी है
  • Photos/selfies with dignitaries or your old friends.
  • चूड़ी, मेहंदी, गेम, साड़ी, ज्वेलरी, At kids and family counter.
  • CME credit hours will be awarded.
  • Government official leave for conference.
  • Voice of our fraternity will be louder and effective.
  • Strength of Unity- by showing solidarity with the fraternity.
  • यह मेरा व आपका प्रयास है 10000 डॉक्टर का सम्मलेन , Never before, a historical event, not to be missed or repented.
Conference Secretariat

Dr. V. K. Jain (Organising Secretary)

  • Address: Shri K M Memorial Jain Heart and General Hospital
    Station Road, Sikar-332001



Phone : 0141-2297910, 8890422221
Email: jaipur@alpcord.com

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